About Us

The Christian Medical Society at Penn State College of Medicine exists to glorify God by providing a Christian community for students to grow in their faith and be challenged in their relationships with God. We hope that by developing their Christ-centered lives, they will learn to care for their patients with Christ’s love and Biblical conviction. This mission is for the ultimate purpose of glorifying God by pointing others toward Him and serving as Jesus has called us to serve.

CMS seeks to accomplish this mission through weekly Bible studies, monthly lunch lectures from Christian physicians or spiritual leaders, weekly prayer meetings, community service, pre-exam dinners for our classmates, women’s group meetings, and semesterly weekend retreats. By serving both on-campus and off-campus and regularly praying for patients and physicians, we strive to put our faith into daily practice. In studying scripture and engaging in topical studies of ethics, we seek to have our actions and beliefs as students and practitioners be impacted by the Word of God. Through lunch talks we hope to engage not only the members of our group but also the whole community of Penn State Hershey, fostering a close campus community that discusses faith and issues like suffering, ethics, medical missions, work-life balance, etc. in a respectful, loving manner.

Our goal is to create a safe space for spiritual conversations, whether for the Christian seeking spiritual nourishment or for the nonbeliever curious how spirituality might play out in the patient or physician experience. We aspire to follow Jesus together while developing friendships filled with fun and accountability as we integrate biblical principles into our everyday lives to become both compassionate and excellent caregivers. The Christian Medical Society is open to all who are interested – medical students, physician assistant students, graduate students, nursing students, spouses, faculty, staff, etc.

For more information, please email pennstatecms.secretary@gmail.com or fill out the form on the “Links” page!

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